Professional Learning for Teachers

transformative learning

So what is “transformative learning”? Just another “spin” on professional development or professional learning?

Or is it an approach to teacher learning that sees the professional teacher as key to on-going and successful school change and improved student and teacher outcomes?

With some 298,000+ references in Google (compared to 2.5 million on “professional learning” and 46.2 million on “professional development) as a theory of adult learning and professional teaching improvement, the term has some currency.

From a practical perspective, for teachers to motivate student learning engagement requires professional learning experiences that focus on similar motivational conditions from which they can to inspire their students.

Well-motivated teachers tend to have well- motivated students – the emphasis here is on “tend”.

Transformational professional learning practices aim to help teachers develop an on-going, collaborative focus on learning environments that are designed to be inclusive, meaningful and purpose-driven, to promote positive attitudes and raise teacher effectiveness … and with this … student aspiration for improvement and higher achievement.

If only it were all that easy … but at least it marks a start …

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