Learnink Professional Learning

professional learning for you + your students

connecting your learning to the resources you need


  • technology can extend the range of resources teachers can offer their students


  • internet communications and content are more dynamic than textbooks, but often less-structured and not always at all well-designed as learning resources


  • teachers and students build an active-learning context to question, select and evaluate information they find to provide authentic meaning and a currency to their learning.

using technology tools:

  • learn from and with your colleagues and students
  • ask for help – mistakes are an opportunity to learn
  • your attitude to change affects your students’ attitudes
  • embrace change and change will embrace you!

professional learning for teachers – supporting classroom leadership

  • Assisting, reflecting and challenging workplace learning
  • Learning through practice and play
  • Developing effective professional learning styles
  • Structured, flexible and  negotiated
  • Facilitating informed decision-making
  • Authentic, interwoven, articulated and practical!

effective professional learning:

  • improves student outcomes through teacher mastery
  • connects teaching and learning to your own realities
  • models current needs and anticipated futures
  • encourages interdependent and collaborative learning
  • builds wisdom through reflective feedback
  • supports continuous improvement
  • creates dynamic accountability and embraces change