Professional Learning Delivery

professional learning for teachers

Whether individual, faculty or school-wide needs, properly planned, negotiated and effectively delivered professional learning can have a significant impact on student, teacher and school outcomes. Often, professional learning was viewed as a response to individual teaching needs rather than with the goal of directly improving educational outcomes for a school in its broadest form. Indeed, the term “professional development” may be viewed as a term that is anachronistic for the 21st Century as it does not address what is essentially on-going and continuous workplace transformation and improvement.

The results of a well-planned learning schedule, implemented at the right time and in a manner that energizes and supports change is measurable in both quantitative and qualitative terms:

  • Assisting, reflecting and challenging workplace learning
  • Learning through Practice and Play
  • Developing Effective Professional Learning Styles
  • Structured, flexible and negotiated
  • Facilitating informed decision-making
  • Authentic, interwoven, articulated and practical
  • Well-supported and evaluated

Styles of Learning Delivery

  • Workshops
  • Breakaway Groups
  • Seminars
  • Full-day programs
  • Mentoring Meetings
  • Resourcing
  • On-line, Flexible and Self-paced

Active Outcomes

  •     Building professional learning teams
  •     Supporting action research
  •     Examining student work
  •     Developing communities of practice
  •     Facilitating case discussion
  •     Learning-by-doing
  •     Bringing positive change through reflection
  •     Assessment for Learning