Student Literacy Support

student tuition beyond the classroom: literacy support

Learnink is an individualized educational support service, that that seeks to support individuals to achieve their aspirations, through building a strong foundation in literacy and digital literacy skills (reading, writing, listening, talking, watching and thinking).

Learnink focuses on on the individual learner in her or his world through the development of self-confidence, self-reliance and resilience as a learner. With a focus on the depth and quality of preparation, the identification of specific literacy needs and strengths, we build towards your independence as a learner.

Learnink promotes the view that the wisdom of learning comes from not only being experienced in the content of a subject, but knowing how and what to ask as well as when, knowing where to find reliable, verifiable and authentic information and now, in an increasingly complex media world, who to seek advice from and how. Perhaps even more important, knowing how to judge whether some aspirational goal is truly achievable with individual effort, or better to left behind.

Learnink operates In the belief that in education “less is often more” and “any quick fix” while expedient will be superficial. A solid grounding in literacy skills (both old and new) will open many more doors than it closes.

So what skills would you be assisted with during a standard learning support session:

1. Identifying your individual literacy needs – reading writing, talking, listening, watching and thinking
2. Reviewing your study environment and your study skills
3. Establish your goals according to your needs
4. Developing a flexible study plan
5. Hands-on support for current study topics
6. Review your Information Literacy skills

More specifically: English Literacy, VCE English, Communication and Study Skills:

  • creating personal value and meaning
  • engaging learning through commitment
  • building language experiences with shared experience
  • supporting individual learning
  • generating active learning and engagement
  • improving qualitative outcomes

What Learnink does … and does not do …

It is very easy to offer empty promises about learning outcomes, so honesty comes first. Learnink does not take everybody as a client … only those who genuinely need help and learning support. If you don’t need help you will be told that … If you hope someone is going to do it for you … it won’t happen.
Learnink is an individualized service, based on a personalized evaluation, identifying your specific needs and strengths, building towards your independence as a learner.
Learnink operates in the belief that in education “less is often more” – focusing on the individual learner in her or his world, where depth and quality of learning are viewed as growing and sustainable rather than any quick fix!
Learnink is a specialised professional service that seeks to support individuals to achieve what they aspire to achieve and … through the wisdom of independent learning – knowing what to ask and when, knowing who to seek advice from and how, and knowing how to judge whether something is truly achievable with effort or better to be left behind.

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