Things to Know

individual student tuition – terms and conditions

All individual tuition support is negotiable and by-and-large dictated by your needs and whether I can meet your needs or not. There is no charge for the first meeting or appraisal.

My focus is on helping you improve, by giving you more confidence in communication, providing you with strategies that suit your individual needs and adding quality and depth to your written and oral work.

A base-level, individual service is provided at $65 and includes:

  • one-on-one, face-to-face learning support
  • a learning appraisal and identification of individual needs
  • development and delivery of learning materials to suit your individual needs

The initial appraisal of your learning needs will identify if I can help you; if I cannot help you I will provide you with a list of possible suggestions about how you can access further support either from your existing educational institution, or from others who may be able to provide you with the support you need.

Further learning support services are available and are based on time allocation and additional resource preparation, print costs and speed of delivery (e.g. custom designed online learning resources, essay marking and advice, Skype support, etc.)

Remember, however, that this service is for those students who require literacy support – reading, writing, talking, listening, watching, thinking and study skills. 5% improvement in these areas can bring much greater rewards across all areas of study.