Witness (1985)


A list of web sites means very little! It’s only a beginning and choosing the right sites to read and follow through on canWitness (1985) be difficult. Choose well and you gain, choose badly and you spend some time wondering why you came here!Look at the links; they are in alphabetical order, but also look at the sites in terms of what they might indicate, i.e. Book Reviews, Historical or Geographical Background, Educational Sites, School Sites, VCE sites, YouTube, MP3, Interviews with Authors, etc.

All can be very useful but much depends on you and your interest(s) and how far you want to invest time in searching for your own meaning as opposed to treating this an an exercise in history (i.e. a set of facts and events, rather than a set of meanings that reflect fictionally on (y)our world). The following link will take you to  series of online activities that will help you with revision for the final essay writing stage of your understanding of the text: https://learnink.info/mc2013/index3.htm

If you have read the book, make sure that you take notes on each chapter, and then use the links below to build your knowledge and vocabulary. Keep noting … there are no shortcuts!

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